Unlike the military where men and officers must obey without question, police officers are trained and expected to reason all the time and make rational judgment before taking action. And that’s what happened early this week when a police officer was faced with a directive by his commander in chief that he found unreasonable. He declined to carry it out and firmly but politely advised the president to keep his mouth shut.
It was stemmed with the ongoing unrest in different cities across the United States following the murder of a black man by white police officer.
President Donald Trump then held a tele conference with the police chiefs across America. Every state has its police and it is rare that they are all called to receive the same instructions from the commander in chief.Wide-spread unrest is not usual, so the president addressed them all and blasted them for not being tough enough on the demonstrators. Earlier, Mr Trump had famously warned that, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”
When blasting the top cops, Trump’s said that they must “Dominate, dominate, dominate the protesters”. He added that those governors who cannot dominate the protesters are “jerks”, a heavy insult to an American ear.
Well, not all the police chiefs agreed. The Texas police chief gave an interview to CNN and advised the commander in chief that if he has nothing constructive to say, he should keep his mouth shut!
Many Americans interviewed agreed with the cop.

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