The Ministry of Works and Transport is now enforcing the provisions of the new amended  Traffic law, the Traffic and road safety Act, 1998 (Amended) Act, 2020 which now  provides among others that motor vehicles  of 2 years old and above will not be permitted on the road  without a certificate of fitness.

This specific provision is in tandem with government’s on running policy of phasing out the importation of second hand vehicles with “end of life” technologies  as vehicle manufacturers  embrace green-mobility technologies such as electric cars.

The  enforcement of the new law  was communicated in a public memo issued by the Ministry  of Works and Transport which  is headed by Gen.  Katumba Wamala.  Driving permits  will now be called  Driving licenses and will be renewed after every five years from the current three and will be recognized and used globally.

Officials at the Ministry said the name change was intended to harmonise the document with international standards and achieve uniformity  the way it is with e-passports. The law also provides for increased penalties if one fails to notify change of ownership of a vehicle 14 days after sale. The culprits will face a fine of UGX 6M or face imprisonment  of 6 months.

The law prohibits touting ( where a conductor makes noise in order to attract attention of a possible passenger) perhaps the reason why  President Yoweri Museveni while updating the nation about  the partial lifting of 75 day nation-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic -said that no touts will be allowed back in Kampala city.

Boda-bodas will also be required to obtain Class M-Commercial motorcycles as a new class of operator vehicle licenses .   Unlike in the past where a driver  was expected to produce a driving permit in 48 hours upon request from a traffic law enforcement  officer  , drivers will now be required to have physical possession of driving or learners license of motor vehicle or trailer at all times .

Accident victims  can now  be treated  at any medical facility without first asking them to  pay for the medical services .

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