President Museveni Directs New Police Boss to Deploy 18 Police Officers Per Sub-Count To fight Crime

President Yoweri Museveni has directed the new Inspector General of Police, Abas Byakagaba to deploy 18 police officers per sub county with the necessary security facilities to work with leaders at the village level by the use of telephones to deal with the increasing crime rate . 

“Fighting crime in Uganda is very simple now. When the IGP puts the 18 policemen per sub-county with transport, then you have telephones all over the place, it is very simple. These sub counties are no longer big.  Therefore, with the communication, which is everywhere, it is very easy to control this crime.”

Speaking at the 35th Heroes’ Day celebrations held on 9th June, 2024 at Mpenja Church of Uganda Primary School playgrounds, Mpenja Sub-county, Gomba District, under the theme: “Hail Our Heroes: A Secure Uganda Is Now Reality”, the President said the security agencies starting with the police will deal a fatal blow to the criminals who are terrorizing Ugandans especially in the cities and urban centers .

Museveni has directed landlords to stop illegal evictions of bibanja holders. He also ordered them that whoever has excessive nominal rent fees (obusuulu) to return it to bibanja holders immediately or risk being arrested.

“The landlords who have been charging more than the agreed busuulu fees by the district must return it back, and if they try to evict our people, we shall arrest them. You must pay back all the money you have taken from these people and the evictions are illegal,” 

the President said the issue of the Landlords and bibanja holders was resolved in the Constituent Assembly (CA) and also in the Land Act of 1998.

“We said a landlord has no power to evict a kibanja person especially the one who was on that plot of land (Kibanja) by 1983. The only thing was to provide some nominal rent (busuulu) and that was to be fixed by the district land boards. The landlords must accept what we agreed in 1995 because Idi Amin had actually abolished mailo land but we restored ownership in order to allow a win-win situation, but these landlords don’t listen to the NRM and they think it’s a joke,” he added.

Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Hon. Judith Nabakooba gave out land titles to 446 people of Kanoni, Gomba, courtesy of the government through the Land Fund.

Some 49 distinguished persons were awarded medals for their exceptional contribution towards the socio-economic transformation of the country. 

These included Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Jumah Al Maktoum from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who received a distinguished Order of the Crested Crane 1st Class Medal. He is a businessman and a member of the Dubai Royal family. 

President Museveni laid a wreath at a hero’s monument in memory of the freedom fighters whose lives were ended through extrajudicial killings during the people’s protracted liberation war (1981-1986).

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