About Uganda Update


Uganda Update is an online publication produced by Policy Publications Limited.

Ugandaupdate .com is an online  publication also produced in a print version  that fills the gap of developmental news which is not deliberately covered by any other media in Uganda. The publication online-print, follows The Executive’s policies, highlighting the Government’s programmes in general and  development  initiatives  in particular.

The philosophy and purpose of Ugandaupdate.com is to highlight those important government programmes which ordinary media do not find exciting yet they are important for our people. The strategy is to simplify complex policy documents and plans into digestible stories, interviewing the implementers of programmes and featuring beneficiaries of the government’s interventions.

Our vision at Uganda Update is to be :


  • Uganda development oriented online and print media of choice
  • Uganda’s advertising partner of choice
  • Uganda’s  printing services partner of choice
  • Uganda ‘s business development partner of choice

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality of services in media and communication, publishing and printing in Uganda.


Leader and public officials

  • Government ministries
  • Members of parliament
  • All Universities and other institutions of higher learning ( both public and private ).
  • Automotive Industry
  • Leisure and Hospitality Industry
  • Banking and Insurance Industry
  • Investors
  • Donors
  • The general public