Army Tells Nomadic Pastoralists (Balaalo) To Fully Comply With Executive Order And Leave Northern Uganda

The Deputy Defence Spokesperson and co-ordinator Communications for “Operation Harmony” intended to allow illegal pastoralists leave northern Uganda under presidential executive order number 3, Colonel Deo Akiiki has urged all nomadic pastoralists commonly known as “Balaalo”  to comply with the provisions and rules of directive by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni .

Thia was during visit by the implementation committee headed by Gulu RDC to two cattle farms in Palaro Sub-county in Gulu district.

Col Akiiki said that the operation was to check on compliance and evict those who have not complied with the presidential directive adding that the ultimatum has since expired and what is being done now is forceful eviction.

“We have not come here today to tell them to comply because their time is done. For those who didn’t comply, the rule is clear; cows are confiscated, given 3 days to either take them away from this area or sell them,” said Col Akiiki. He added that, in the worst case scenario a public auction shall be held to sale the cows. 

He also urged people to desist from environmental degradation, especially by cutting trees for charcoal burning which is also included in the Executive Order of the President. 

The District Veterinary Officer, Mr. Alfred Opiyo said that as the district leadership, they decided that cattle for the non-compliant will be moved to the livestock market at Corner Adde which is a government facility and currently holding over 416 heads of cattle. 

He added that since the operation began they have moved 258 cattle across Karuma escorted by the UPDF and Police.

One culprit who was found cutting trees was arrested and handed over to Police.

The provisions and rules of Executive Order No. 3 include the following;

1. Four (4) Strands of barbed wire fencing of the firm lands/kraals for cattle and chain link for goats and sheep.

2. One square mile to accommodate only 250 heads of cattle

3. Fencing must be all-around.

4. No livestock allowed on government land

5. Kraals must have water inside the fenced land.

6. Even if one bought land or is leasing but does not comply with the standards, animals shall be confiscated but only returned when he meets those standards.

The participants in the operation included; Officers from the 4 Infantry Division headed by Brig Gen Mike Kabango, his Division Operations and Training officer Lt Col Innocent Tumamushaba, Representatives from the Uganda Police Force, District leaders, and Local Leaders of Gulu district among others.

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