Meet The 3 Men Who Killed Lucky Dube 15 Years Ago, Why They Killed Him and What Was Done To Them

He was the biggest selling reggae artist of South Africa. His album Prisoner was South Africa’s best selling album of the 1980s/90s after he discovered artists like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and began the switch from mbaqanga to reggae. 

The compilation Serious Reggae Business had phenomenal sales in Ghana. He won over 20 awards in South Africa and internationally. He was on tour most of his life.

Lucky Dube was killed in an apparent car-jacking attempt. The 43-year-old musician was shot at night in a suburb south of Johannesburg. Correspondent Scott Bobb reports from our bureau there.

In connection with his murder,five men were arrested where three of them were found guilty on 31st March 2009.

The three gunmen confessed that they did not realize it was the Reggae singer, they thought it was a Nigerian and that was why they shot him to death as they were trying to snatch his car from him.

South African police said the renowned Reggae musician was shot by three gunmen as he dropped off his son in the Rosettenville suburb of Johannesburg.

State witness Mpho Maruping said her husband had confessed his involvement in Dube’s botched hijacking and gave her details on what led to the multi-award-winning superstar’s death.

As Dube’s relatives sobbed, the woman told the Johannesburg High Court of the night Dube was shot as he dropped off his son and daughter in Rosettenville.

Maruping is the wife of Thabo Maruping. He was initially charged with Dube’s murder but turned state witness.

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