The Parliament was treated to a strange clash between its two top personalities that started before the lunch break this Tuesday afternoon. After the break, the MPs were treated to the second round between the two bulls. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga appears to have won both rounds as her Deputy Jacob Oulanya retreated to regroup, getting ready for another showdown.

Members had realized early enough that something unusual was going to happen when the two, Speaker and Deputy, turned up for an ordinary sitting, which does not usually happen. A small chair and table had strangely been set up and Deputy Speaker Oulanya went and occupied it. Normal business took place and when it appeared the house was about to break, Oulanya raised his hand for a chance to speak and the speaker ignored him. When he persisted, Speaker Kadaga told him that if he had anything to say he could go to her office, and she adjourned the session.

When the members returned after lunch, it became immediately obvious that Oulanya had not gone to Kadaga’s office as instructed or guided. He raised his had to be allowed to speak and Kadaga ignored him. He tried and persisted but was totally ignored. So he got up and left the house unceremoniously.

Outside the chamber, Oulanya poured out his bitterness to those who cared to listen. He said he had written to the speaker explaining to her that he needed to address the house. This is because, he said, he had been condemned for returning the sh20million Covid-19 money. So he finds it unfair of the speaker to deny him his right to clear the air and seek clarification.

Members are now waiting for Oulanya’s response.

The bad blood between the Speaker and her Deputy is not a secret. Oulanya has been interested in the speaker’s job but he was prevailed upon to let Kadaga serve two full terms, as has become the tradition with the NRM. With the elections less than eight months away, both Kadaga and Oulanya are likely to return to the house and this time they will most likely go head-on for the speakership. Unless something unexpected happens.

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