State Minister for Karamoja Nandutu sleeps in Kira Police cells , to be produced in court and charged in Mabaati national scandal

Police is holding State Minister for Karamoja Agnes Nandutu who will spend a night at Kira police station and is expected to be produced in court and charged for diverting iron sheets meant for the vulnerable communities in Karamoja region and abuse of office.

Nandutu who went in hiding to avoid being arrested on a Friday and spend the weekend in police custody finally surrendered to Police detectives today mid-morning .

The Bududa Woman MP went to Kibuli CID headquarters where she was interrogated and later transferred to Kira Police Station.

Elsewhere , the Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija together with his colleague State Minister for Security Jacob Oboth-oboth have today return the stolen Mabaati to the government stores in Namanve as directed by President Yoweri Museveni .

President Yoweri Museveni wrote to the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and directed that cabinet ministers who took mabaati meant for the vulnerable people of  Karamoja should return them immediately .

He also stated that he is going to take political action against the culprits –noting that their actions to divert relief items meant for the “ Karachuna” tantamount to “political corruption”  and “subversion”.

Museveni’s two page letter dated April 3rd, 2023 was copied to the Vice President , all Ministers and Ministers of State , all Permanent Secretaries  and all Members of Parliament .

“ There are two issues of wrong –doing involved . If somebody , took mabaati meant for the Karachuna and gave them to people or institutions in his or her constituency, this is political corruption. It is like bribing voters so as to get political favours .

In the case of mabaati , it is  at the expense of the Karachuna, but also at the expense of security of the country . Remember, this giving of the mabaati to the Karachuna is part of removing them from causing insecurity . those Ministers are , therefore , undermining that in exchange of cheap popularity, “ Museveni strongly worded letter reads in part.

General Museveni said that this diversion government stores by some of his ministers was subversion –a serious felony under the country’s criminal laws .

“This is actually subversive. Under the NRM code , cheap popularity ,is characterized as subversive .The Ministers that were , therefore ,consciously involved in this must take personal responsibility , pay back the value of the mabaati they diverted and I will decide on the political action to punish this mistakes ,” President Museveni stated.

State House sources intimated that the Commander in Chief has been in very pensive mood since this scandal came to the public realm . “Most likely he is going  to drop those who consciously stole the mabaati in a cabinet reshuffle to be announced soon ,” a source that declined to named stated .

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