Driver who attempted to knock a traffic policeman charged for reckless driving

Isaac Mukwaya the man who attempted to knock down a traffic policeman, Josam Katongole, has been charged for reckless driving among other charges . Mukwaya was driving a vehicle registration number UAZ 515C when he defied traffic police orders as captured in the video.

When Katongole attempted to stop Mukwaya’s vehicle by standing in front of it, Mukwaya decided to overrun him. The policeman narrowly escaped being squeezed between Mukwaya’s vehicle and another parked vehicle. Fortunately, the incident was recorded on camera, which the police used to track down Mukwaya.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, stated that Mukwaya attempted to deceive the authorities by pretending to be sick during interrogation. However, a medical examination revealed that he was in normal health and had intentionally inserted a cannula into his hand. Consequently, Mukwaya was arrested and is in custody at CPS Kampala.

The police have filed three charges against him: violating traffic lights, reckless driving, and attempted murder. The police have emphasized the importance of the general public, particularly motorists, adhering to the instructions given by traffic officers.

Last year, more than 10 police officers died in road crashes, with at least three deliberately being knocked down, including one who was killed by a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Last year, 4,534 fatalities occurred on Ugandan roads.

The majority of these deaths were attributed to reckless driving, inconsiderate use of the road, speeding, vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, and a disregard for road regulations.

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