Namilyango College Marks 121 years ;Speaker Anita Among rallies parents and OBs against homosexuality in schools

it was jubilation as the Speaker of the National Parlaiemnt , Anita Among joined hundreds of OBs , parents and students of Namilyango College to celebrate its 121 years of existence . The College is the oldest secondary school in Uganda .

“I am delighted to Join the community of Namilyango College as the school celebrates 121 years of existence. I thank the School for producing great men making positive contributions to our country.,” Among stated passionately . She was probably right because her husband , Eng.Moses Magogo the FUFA top honcho and MP , is himself an old boy of the college.

Among continued in her speech : “I pledged to ensure that Parliament of Uganda pays attention to the needs of schools during the budgeting process. My call to all schools is to desist from hiking fees as parents are struggling to keep their children in school. “

“I asked the Leadership of Namilyango College to resist attempts to spread the vice of Homosexuality among our children in schools. We have done our part to make a law against the vice and I ask all parents to join the fight.

It is incumbent upon all stakeholders in the education sector to deal with the unfortunate vice of bullying that is hurting our children in schools. We shall be pushing for tough action against the perpetrators of the vice,” she stressed .

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