Government has underscored the importance of teachers for national economic growth and development .

“As government we consider all your contributions to be valuable and useful. The current efforts to improve on the welfare of all teachers are well reflected in government’s systematic plan in Education, “ the Vice President HE Jessica Alupo told hundreds of teachers who turned up to celebrate Katakwi World Teachers day yesterday.

In speech read for her  by the Minister of Lands Housing and Urban Development , Hon. Judith Nabakooba , Alupo said that all teachers are  valued without any form of discrimination. The celebrations were held under the theme of “Transformation of Education  begins with teachers .”

“I want to encourage you together with your leaders to seriously take up your role in transforming our country from a peasant to a modern industrial state. Government recently launched the Parish Development Model as an engine to scale up growth at the community level.

As teachers of this nation, I urge you to come out strongly and do your part in the implementation of the Parish Development Model. I encourage every teacher to get a copy of the Parish Development Model booklet and study the guidelines properly,” VP Alupo stated .

She urged the teachers to utilise  their  saving groups to access affordable loans that they can invest to increase household incomes . “I want to give you government’s assurance that we shall continue to support you at all levels as you aspire to improve your livelihoods.Given the Uganda we want today and tomorrow, teachers can no longer afford to limit themselves to the comfort of teaching alone,” she advised.

Keeping our children in school, fighting absenteeism:

The Vice President warned teachers about absenteeism and emphasized government’s important obligation of keeping  children in school.

“Keeping our girls in school is very effective in the fight against teenage pregnancies and other challenges such as HIV. Research has shown that when a girl remains in school up to the higher levels, chances of getting HIV significantly reduce by more than 50%.I therefore call upon you our teachers, to do your part in encouraging our parents to return our children to school by following up on them.”

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