I’m In Good Health And Physically Fit ,Says President Museveni Ahead Of 2026 General Elections

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that his in good health and physically fit send clear signal that will he will run for the presidency for the 7th time in 2026.

The president was addressing thousands of students from different schools who were part of the patriotism program at the Kololo independence grounds.

“I am now approaching 80 years, but you see, you want me to continue leading the country. This is because I am fit; I am healthy. If I were sick in a wheelchair, you would not be disturbing me. You tell me that because I still have some strength. That is because I don’t take alcohol. It is very dangerous for the body. I also don’t smoke cigarettes, let alone those other poisons that you take,” said Museveni.

The President cautioned the youths against other dangerous habits such as engaging in prostitution and fornication which might expose them to sexually transmitted diseases. He thus implored the youngsters to take charge of their lives and guard against temptations that would jeopardize their futures.

“When you love yourself you take care of yourself so that you do not run into trouble,” he said.


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