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Barely a week after the new NRM Party Members of Parliament returned from a three week long retreat, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is sending all government communications and public relations officers for a two week training  at the National Leadership Institute Nali in Kyankwanzi, Information Minister Ms. Judith Nabakooba has announced .

The retreat which will take place after the presidential swearing in on May 12th, will be held from May16th-28th  and it is intended to strengthening the government communication function through sharing of knowledge and imparting of practical skills, Nabakooba explained.

The NRM  government sources intimated will use the next five years of leadership to “go back to the roots”, and revive the “Siyasa” campaign to popularize government programs and achievements and woo back many of its support base especially in the central region that birthed the NRM revolution.

The move follows hotly contested national elections held early this year where the NRM lost much of its support in  Buganda/central region to a little known NUP party led by musician cum politician ,Robert Kyagulanyi.

Nabakooba said that all MDAs and government agencies should release their officers to attend the retreat. 

She also noted the importance of a free press in championing national development and peace as Uganda prepares to join the rest of the world to mark the  International World Press Freedom Day tomorrow May 3rd.

The day will  be celebrated under the theme  looking at Information as a public good.  Nabakooba said that it was important to strengthen all levels of the information function by sticking to the fundamentals of good journalism – from the way information is produced, distributed and consumed.

Nabakooba  thanked the Media in Uganda for a job well done in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and coverage of the just concluded national elections.  She said that Uganda has one of the most vibrant media spaces in the world  with close to 300 radio stations, over 40 TV stations, and about 96 online media platforms .

“Our media industry is envied all over the world. This vibrancy only exists in places where the media is appreciated and encouraged,” She said while assuring  media practitioners in Uganda that “ your safety and freedoms are guaranteed by the government.”

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