Museveni Explains the logic behind his new Cabinet Full of ‘Fishermen’

In his usual humorous style – President Yoweri Museveni has explained the logic behind his new cabinet saying he followed Jesus Christ’s footsteps and opted for “fishermen” instead of the intellectuals or highly learned people .

Speaking during the 2021/22 budget reading , Museveni he did not consult anyone when coming up with his new cabinet a process he said was so exhausting that he did not fill the vacant post of Minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs .

Museveni’s cabinet has been welcomed as a progressive one in which the Chief Executive balanced the age groups , gender , regional politics among others . He explained that just like Jesus when picking his disciples , he did not go for the highly educated Pharisees, Sadducees or the Levites, but went for the fishermen.

“Jesus didn’t recruit Pharisees, Sadducees or the Levites but he went for Simon Peter. Of course he also had some intellectuals such as Luke who was a doctor. So when you look at my list, know that I am in the path of Jesus Christ,” Museveni said , adding that he was “underground, working alone.”

“When compiling the list, you are under a very big threat; this is one of the areas where I don’t need assistance. “Many of you are so good, I didn’t know what to do, because there is religion, the tribes the balance…” Museveni explained adding that he even forgot one name.

“On the shortlist, I had the name of Kabyanga who was a mayor in Kasese, but when I came from underground and called Omona and one of secretaries to type the list, I realised I had forgotten Kabyanga’s name.” he said. Godgrey Kabyanga served as Mayor of Kasese Municipality for two terms.

He was the NRM flag bearer seeking a third term, but he lost the seat to Forum for Democratic Change’s, Chance Kahindo Sibyavugha, 10,937 to 11,572 votes.


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