Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes Nakyambadde and the Cabinet!

Things have changed. They have been changing but you may not have noticed. They started changing in Bible times, when David’s time was up. He had been God’s favourite king and friend. But when David’s prowess and relevance was gone (and they had to keep young Abishag in his bed to warm him because they had no adjustable air conditioning those days), the anointing authority let David go and brought in the less sophisticated Solomon. Solomon turned out to be the wisest, even if not the nicest ruler of Israel.

Uganda’s appointing authority started letting go of the Davids a while back. There is one David he is reported to have got tired of because after giving him a top security job he could not give him precise answers because he kept saying “on one hand it is this and on the other hand it is this” infuriating the anointing authority.

Last Sunday as he addressed the nation about the Covid-19 status, Uganda’s anointing authority the new type of warriors he is moving ahead with. It was rather abrupt, when he called for his “fellow fighter” and the public expected a scarred veteran general, or at least a colonel maybe with a missing limp or eye.

Instead the fighter was the gorgeous thirtyish Nurse Nakyambadde. She was also scarred spiritually, emotionally, security wise, by the manic brute called Kiddawalime. Some people didn’t quickly get the message of change from aloof leaders pontificating to the masses from their pedestals to fighters from the trenches called to lead from amidst the masses. So at the Budget presentation, the appointing authority spelt out things for the slowest learner thus – the time now is not for professors of philosophy. The time is to follow in the footprints of Jesus and pick the fishermen over the Pharisees. So if you had forgotten your Sunday School rhymes, please sing this again if you want to comprehend what is going on:

I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men;
I will make you fishers of men, if you follow me!

Did you hear any ministerial nominee decline the appointment because Robinah Nabbanja is going to be their supervisor? No, they know that things have changed. Have you heard of the Permanent Secretary, Commissioner or any government technocrat resigning because Nabbanja is the head of government business?

The message has sunk in. Ladies and Gentlemen, make way for the fisher(wo)men, they have a job to do.

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