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Uganda’s automotive industry captain ,Kiira Motors Corporation ltd, has rolled out its brand new Kayoola Electric Buses (EVS) to not only showcase the indigenous company’s home grown green mobility technologies but also prove that the  vehicles are complainant with all health and safety guidelines issued by  President Yoweri  Museveni and the Ministry of  Health to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The Kayoola EVS buses which were driven in and around Kampala are equipped with automated coronavirus disinfectant sprinkle systems designed to eliminate the spread of Covid-19 as the country awaits President Museveni’s announcement on a partial lifting of a two month long –nationwide- lockdown and curfew- some of the measures which were  instituted to fight the deadly pandemic.

Other special features on the 12- meter long Kayoola EVS buses include ,on-board Wi-fi to ensure travelers stay connected to the internet, have USB charging ports for mobile devices , display boards for timely, accurate information dissemination  and a ticketing system that allows seamless fare transactions . 

Managers at Kiira Motors Corporation  Ltd  said the company is now ready to produce and  supply both electric and diesel combustion engine buses to transport operators in Kampala city and the rest of the country .  The company is also targeting the car markets in the East African region and the rest of the African continent .

Why  transporters should turn to the Kiira buses

The Kayoola buses have  far much lower operating costs in comparison to the diesel combustion engine buses with an operating cost per  km of Ug.shs. 320 while a diesel bus equivalent  costs  Ug.shs.1,670 for the same distance . This also means that the electric buses are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly . “It should be noted that the battery life of the Kayoola EVS electric bus is up to 3,000 charge cycles (900,000kms) compared to 200,000Kms of a typical diesel engine,” a  statement issued by the company reads in part.

The floor of the Kayoola EVS  buses  are made out of bamboo while the interior is mainly made out of plastics and aluminum and body panels supported by a steel superstructure . All these locally available materials provide an  unprecedented opportunity for participation of a wide range of local manufacturers  making components to feed the production line at the Kiira Vehicles Plant  which will address key aspects of the local content supply  chain , create jobs and ensure import substitution.

Kiira Motors CEO, Mr. Paul Isaac Musasizi said that with the current capacity to produce eight buses per month , the   company was ready to take  orders to produce buses at the UPDF’s Luwero industries Ltd in Nakasongola  before they shift to the Kiira Vehicles Plant when it is completed at the Jinja Industrial and Business park mid next year.

President  Museveni speaks out

While  addressing the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) E- Conference recently , President Yoweri Museveni emphasized the need for government to priorities the post Covid-19 interventions to boost the economy by supporting key nine key sectors including transport with local manufacturers like Kiira Motors Corporation Ltd, taking the lead.

Minister Dr. Tumwesigye, Prof. Tickodri-Togboa call for local support

Kiira Motors is operated under the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation led by Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye,  who together with  the  KMC  Executive Chairman Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa have called upon  both government  and the private sector to purchase locally made vehicles to promote the country’s nascent automotive industry .

Both the Ministry and KMC leadership expressed gratitude  to President Museveni for his continued support to the Science , Technology and Innovation sector as a leading  driver for economic growth and national development .

The Kayoola Electric buses specs

According to , Mr. Allan Muhumuza, the KMC Business Development Manager, the new Kiira Motors  electric buses can cover a distance of 300 kilometers under a single charge.  They have a speed governor that allows a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour but can pick up to a speed of 140 Kilometers per hour .

The 12 meter long  Kayoola EVS buses  have a capacity of 90 passengers (49 sitting and 41 standing) while the diesel engine ones will seat 65 passengers .

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