By Enock Mayanja Kiyaga 

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, who made 7 years in office this week, is a record-breaking Katikkiro.  In addition to serving as the 5th Katikkiro under the reign of the 36th Kabaka of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, one of the many other things Mayiga will be remembered for is putting pen to paper.
 I have only read books authored by two former Katikkiros; Paulo Kavuma who wrote “CRISIS IN BUGANDA 1953”, the story of the Exile and Return of the Kabaka, Muteesa II, and Sir Apollo Kaggwa who wrote books namely:  The Kings of Buganda and The Customs of the Baganda.
Despite his extremely busy schedule, Katikkiro Mayiga will always find time to write to keep the correct record, reflect, interpret, and provide inspiration as well as a challenge.
This unique service and skill is very key, especially in this era of social media and citizen journalism which facilitates the easy spread of wrong information, fake news and distortions (wolokoso) among society.
Katikkiro Mayiga wrote his first book titled “KING on the THRONE (2009)”, the story of the Restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda in which he recorded all historical events leading up to the restoration of Buganda Kingdom after being non-existent for 27 years.He was a key person in this process, having joined the Ssaabataka‘s Supreme Council (SSC) in 1991 as its Admin secretary before serving in different ministerial roles for 22 years before his elevation to Katikkiroship.
Upon his appointment as the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mayiga wrote his second book titled: “BUGANDA KUNTIKKO (2013)”, which serves as a comprehensive manifesto to reclaim and restore Buganda Kingdom’s glory.   
Reading this book made me understand and contextualise more the efforts, strategies, and activities aimed at restoring Buganda’s glory.
Mayiga’s third book is “UGANDA: 7 KEY TRANSFORMATION IDEA (2016)” in which he articulates his seven major factors which he believes, if understood well, can transform Uganda from its present state of backwardness to prosperity. The book provides very practical ideas and discusses solutions in a simple but non-simplistic way of how this transformation could be achieved.
Last week, during his speech marking 7 years in office as Katikkiro, Mayiga announced the publication of his 4th book titled “ETTOFFAALI”, which was meant to be published and out by now if the lockdown had not affected the publisher’s scheduled date but still, we are looking forward to receiving and reading it anytime post COVID-19 period.
In all these Books, Mayiga plays more than just a passive narrator, having been key and actively involved in shaping both Buganda and Uganda’s future through his exemplary leadership role and life in public office.
By continuously keeping a public record of his experience, reflection, and ideas, Mayiga connects the past and the present to the future. This further demonstrates his deep understanding and appreciation of both Buganda and Uganda that informs the basis of his decisions and vision. 
Mayiga defies the saying that when the elderly men die, a library is lost and the volume of wisdom and knowledge is gone.  Knowledge and information being  power, one can hardly be swayed by the ongoing social media propaganda and attacks by the bloggers, slay kings, and queens, all based on misinformation.  I would highly recommend these books to all who want to keep in the know and make informed decisions.



Writer is a media and communications consultant And Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

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