Judge filmed smoking in bed during Zoom court hearing, suspended

A Colombian judge has been suspended after she was seen smoking in bed during a virtual court hearing. Footage shows judge Vivian Polania lying in bed in her underwear while puffing on a cigarette. She was attending a Zoom court hearing related to a car bomb terror attack, reports The Independent.

In the video filmed last week, Vivian Polania, 34, appeared to be wearing a top and her underwear as she attended the hearing. She landed in trouble after one of the solicitors on call reported her for alleged impropriety, reports The Independent. The Judicial Disciplinary Commission in Norte de Santander ruled that she had violated multiple administrative regulations and handed her a three-month suspension.

Polania has been reprimanded in the past over the risqué photographs on her personal Instagram. This time, however, she was suspended because of her professional conduct – the judge was hearing a case about the bail of a man held for a car bombing that took place in June 2021 when she appeared on Zoom in her innerwear.

According to the New York Post, the Judicial Disciplinary Commission’s ruling found that Polania sat through the hearing with her camera off for nearly an hour. When she turned it on, she was seen lying in bed in a “deplorable” state, looking “disheveled with sleepy eyes.”

On being informed that her camera had been turned on, the judge quickly turned it off again.But Polania has refuted allegations that she was half-naked. In an interview with Blu Radio, she said she had to lie down mid-hearing as she suffered an anxiety attack and had low blood pressure.

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