Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Conducts Public Hearing for New Air Service Operators Licenses

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Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has held a Board Air Services Licensing Committee Meeting at Protea Hotel to select air services operators . The public hear is a requirement for air services operators who have applied for new licenses or renew old ones to make presentations about their operations before they are approved .

During the hearing there were two new company applicants who want to enter Uganda’s aviation industry while another five were seeking to renew their licenses.

The public hearing offered a platform for the applications to outline their plans for providing air services in Uganda. Each company presented their business plans, safety measures and financial capabilities to the committee in hopes of securing a license to operate in the country.

UCAA conducts these periodic public hearings to ensure that only those competent air services operators are allowed to fly in Uganda air space .

The presence of both new and established companies at the hearing highlights the growing interest in Uganda’s aviation industry. With the potential for increased competition and new services, consumers can look forward to more options for air travel in the future.

Overall, the Board Air Services Licensing Committee Meeting was a productive session that allowed applicants to showcase their capabilities and commitment to providing safe and reliable air services in Uganda. The UCAA will now review the presentations and make their decisions in the coming days.


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