Senior Uganda Railways Officials in the Anti Corruption Court dock For Abuse Of Office

Senior officials with the Uganda Railways Corporation have been charged at the Anti Corruption Court for abuse of office .

Tom Kimera, the senior procurement officer and Maliza Mukembo Tibewolwa, sen ior human resource and administration officer were charged for abuse of office contrary to section 11(1) of the Anti Corruption Act 2009.

it is alleged that the accused while serving as members of the evaluation Committee and irregularly approved Deloitte Uganda Ltd to provide consultancy Services for the recruitment of Ssendegeya Stanley as Managing Director at the Cooperation, an act that caused financial loss to the government of Uganda.

“During the month of June 2020 at the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) offices in Kampala, being employed by URC as senior procurement officer, senior legal officer and acting senior human resource and administration officer, and being members of the evaluation committee in respect of procurement reference number URC/CONS/2019/20/00472 , the accused did an arbitrary act prejudicial to the interests of their employer and the other bidder, to wit, passed/approved Deloitte Uganda Limited as having satisfied the eligibility criteria for provision of consultancy services for recruitment of the managing director of URC, in contravention of the laws and procedures governing procurement of such public services in Uganda,” the charge sheet reads in part .

The State House Anti Corruption Unit (SH-ACU) in one year, 2022, managed to recover Ugx35.484bn from corruption masters of this country, the annual report revealed.

The Unit also managed to arrest and arraign in court over 448 suspects. Among these, courts convicted 70 culprits including government accounting Officers, Executive Officers, managing directors, Secretaries of Commission, CAOs, and Town Clerks.

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