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Imperial Blue -a move that promises to be a blockbuster and produced by a Ugandan Company -Blue Imp Productions Ltd  will premiere in Uganda’s capital Kampala tomorrow June 5th , 2021 at century Cinemax ,Acacia Mall-starting 4pm.

Ugandan movie lovers will officially  be entertained to the Ugandan produced film for the first time – even as its Directors  through their lawyers Onyango and Company Advocates have sent a demand notice of UG.SHS. 800M to the national broadcaster -Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) for alleged unlicensed broadcasting of Imperial Blue film on its U24 channel.

Onyango Advocates acting for and on behalf of Mr. Daniel Semulema -a Producer and Director at Blue Imp Productions Ltd -the owners of Imperial Blue -a Ugandan- British feature film, have since written to UBC with an intention to sue demand notice for alleged copy right infringement ,loss of sales , inconvenience and emotional distress. They are now demanding  Ug.Shs.800 in damages .

Mr. Semulema in a statement released ahead of its premiere tomorrow said that – Imperial Blue has taken five years to reach the Ugandan audience  since its scriptwriting and fundraising that began in 2016. “The film was shot in Uganda in early 2017, with additional scenes filmed in the UK and India in 2017. Editing and post-production was completed in 2018-19,” he stated ,adding that they  had to raise an additional large sum of money to complete the film.

“A key difference between Imperial Blue and other Ugandan films is that we decided to push this film onto the international stage. This was very challenging, as this was our first feature film, with the biggest budget that any of us had worked with,” Semulema explained  adding that they spent 2017-2020 researching how to get into festivals and secure professional distribution worldwide.

Semulema says that in  early 2020 they had a major break through when they signed on with an  experienced British distributor  who is now  helping them to get the film to “every possible market and on every possible platform.”

Imperial Blue is now available to the  UK and USA audiences on Video on Demand (VoD) platforms like Amazon, Sky Film and  iTunes. The company is now working to  secure subscription video deals with international networks such as  Netflix and Mnet.

About the film

Imperial Blue is an adventure-thriller set across three continents. The main action takes place in East Africa and revolves around a mystical substance called Bulu – a rare and sacred powder said to bestow the power of prophecy.

Hugo Winter, a roguish American drug smuggler, sets out on a quest to find the source of the Bulu, hoping to bring back enough to solve his financial woes. Following his visions, he travels to Uganda where he meets a mysterious young lady he has seen vividly in his hallucinations. She and her sister offer to help Hugo but they have competing agendas.

 Kisakye, a devout Christian, wants to sell the Bulu to save her village, whereas Angela, a criminal hustler, is only interested in getting rich quick. As Hugo follows them deeper into the jungle, he begins to doubt whether his prophetic visions are leading him to death or glory.

Among its cast include Ugandan film  big names – Rehema Nanfuka, Esteri Tebandeke and Andrew Benon Kibuuka . Others are , Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga, Wilson Egessa, Micheal Wawuyo ,Dumba Amina ,Nalubiri Ruth, Mwesigwa Ivan plus  Esther Bacia.

The film  crew includes  Executive Producer, David  Game, Executive Producer -Ned   Cecil, Producer Daniel Semulema, Producer David Cecil , and Production Manager  Asaba Patience  among others.

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