Dozens of men demand cancelation of kids’ passports after shocking DNA results

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control is getting flooded with angry men who are demanding the immediate cancellation of children’s passports after discovering that they are not their biological fathers.

The disclosure has been made by Simon Peter Mundei, the spokesperson of the Internal Affairs ministry in Kampala.

Mundei says the demands have been caused by recent media stories of men who have been finding out that the children they have been raising as theirs actually belong to other men, citing the case of a man who recently discovered that all ‘his’ six children were sired by other men and none of them is his. 

The man did the tests at Government Analytical Laboratory but could not believe none of the kids was his, so he took the samples to South Africa and they still returned negative. 

Since the man’s story broke, many men have stolen hair and finger/toenails from their children and taken them for testing, and at least 32 two of the disappointed men have already petitioned the immigration directorate to cancel the children’s passports. 

However, Mundei has informed the unlucky men who find out that their wives have ‘tied’ other men’s children on them that the Immigration cannot cancel the children’s passports, but can only change the fathers’ particulars, and even this can only be done after the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has confirmed that the previously registered particulars were not true.

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