Patience Museveni to launch her book -Jesus’ Africa tomorrow June 23,2023

Patience Museveni Rwabwogo will launch her book, Jesus’ Africa tomorrow June 23, 2023 .

In the book she extensively discusses the place of Africa in God’s redemptive plan as well as highlighting the contemporary issues challenging the continent and her people.  Her parents ,President Yoweri Museveni and Janet Museveni are expected to grace the occasion .

Organizers say a few selected dignitaries have been exclusively invited for the event given that President Yoweri Museveni has just recovered from a Covid-19 attack which kept him in isolation for a week .

The 461-page book is a transformational piece, where Patience also tells her encounter with God through different stages of life.

Rev. Dr Jim Holley, an African American minister and civil rights leader will be the guest speaker. He has already arrived and is touring the Pearl of Africa.

About the book

Patience Museveni Rwabwogo’s Jesus’ Africa provides a refreshing view concerning contemporary issues confronting the African continent and her people, duly captured thematically as rebuilding Africa’s walls.

Tracing the continent’s historical domination through the times of slavery, the era of colonialism and the post-independence period, the continent has been at the ‘short end of the stick’ of the global development agenda.

That past, notwithstanding, the work sends a powerful message of hope that Africa will arise through, in part, understanding the continent’s place on this earth and the role it is poised to play in global development. The past is important, yes. However, the future must be of prime concern.

To rebuild her walls, the continent would rely on her spiritual pulse and deep conviction that would assure the realization of its rightful place.

Illustrating with examples from the Bible, Patience makes the biblical stories relevant to the much-desired African Renaissance with her walls fully restored.

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