Lands Minister Nabakooba rallies Mityana residents to make maximum use of Ug.Shs. 1.6bn PDM cash to increase  household incomes

By Our Reporter

Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba has rallied the people of Mityana to makje maximum use of the Ug.Shs. 1.6bn Parish Development Model (PDM) cash thats being given to the poor people in Mityana district to increase household incomes .

Nabakooba was  commissioning the Ug.Shs1.6 billion PDM cash at the Municipal Council Headquarters. Some  305 beneficiaries received the cash in the first disbursements  that will be invested in the various approved enterprises.

“Each of you subscribes to different SACCO groups with projects of your choice. Use the money in those projects such that by the time the two years elapse, you are able to return back the loan in the third year as directed by the president,” the minister guided the beneficiaries .

Mityana Municipality has 225 enterprise groups formed out of 15 wards from three Divisions of Busimbi, Ttamu, and the Central Division.  Each ward is expected to receive Shs107 million.

An individual will receive Shs 1 million on their accounts and they are given three years before returning the money.

Minister Nabakooba addressing Mityana residents as PDM cash is disbursed

Nabakooba thanked president Museveni for initiating the programme targeting the low income earners. 

SNabakooba explained that the programme is meant for poor Ugandans who live for survival and they want to change the narrative such that they can get in the money economy , improve their incomes and wellbeing .

According to Nabakooba, PDM is going to be the last mile for lifting the standards of living for many Ugandans who are still in poverty .

She said that 35% of the people in Mityana are below the poverty line and with PDM the situation is set to change for the better .

Through the programme, the PDM committee will be given Shs 250,000 every quarter of the year and Shs100,000 to the SACCO leaders per month for facilitation. With this, no person is allowed to use PDM cash which is meant for people.

A person is only required to open up a bank account which costs between Ug.Shs 5,000 and 10,000 .

Mityana District PDM focal person, Ms Grace Nakuya in Mityana said the programme was introduced in the 2021/2022 Financial Year but a lot needed to be done before money could be given to the prospective beneficiaries.

“We had to mobilise all households to benefit from the Parish revolving fund because there was need for education about how money was going to be handled. It took a while to collect data from our local people to scrutinize the entitled beneficiaries,” she said.

Africano Aharikundira, the Mityana Resident District Commissioner cautioned banks that give out loans in the name of PDM to stop it with immediate effect.

“Please don’t use the government name to put our people into trouble. I ask you to use another approach when giving out loans ,” he ordered.

She revealed that the President decided to be giving Shs 2 billion to Mityana for rehabilitation of all roads in the Municipality and the district every year. This, she said, will link the produce from PDM enterprises to the markets.

The Lands minister also gave an update on the Physical Development Plan for Mityana town. She said her ministry is working with the Municipal Council and she promised to avail it to the public in case it is accomplished.

She reminded the locals to always guard their Bibanja land noting that  it is the best source of wealth.

In a bid to resolve land conflicts, the minister visted the areas of  Namukozi-Nambale village, where an investor blocked people from using a road that connects to his farm. She promised to engage the investor to ensure that they are given a right of way as provided for the law.


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