Fishmonger in Police Uniform Arrested

By Our Reporter

When Brenda Awino heard that with the appointment of the new cabinet the era of fishermen and women had arrived, she took the message literally. So the Apac fishmonger went and got herself a police uniform and started going about her business without fear of being disturbed by security personnel enforcing the lockdown and inter-district travel ban.

Donning her newly acquired police uniform, Awino has been traveling from Chegere Sub County in Apac district to Loro town in Oyam district to sell her fish.

Awino has been doing brisk fish business for nearly 42 days until her luck ran out on Thursday morning when a curious officer at Tarogari check point decided to interrogate her further. It became immediately clear that Awino did not know anything a police officer should know, except how to wear the uniform. 

She was immediately arrested and briefly detained at the nearby Ibuje Police station, and after transferred under tight security to Apac Central Police Station. 

According to North Kyoga Police Spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema, Awino will be charged with impersonation and acting in a manner likely to spread a dangerous disease.

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