World Cup’s hottest fan Ivana Knoll’s skimpy outfits spark controversy with locals

Croatia’s Ivana Knoll has sparked controversy in Qatar with locals seemingly split on the busty model’s skimpy outfits, landing her the label of the World Cup’s hottest fan.

Knoll has been causing a stir at group stage games after stepping out in a striking hooded outfit and a chequered mini-dress. Knoll said she was wary of the modesty laws in Qatar before arriving but said she’d been largely embraced. This is despite having received online abuse from trolls.

In her recent posts, including a bikini-clad visit to the beach and wearing a bikini tops and pants outfit to Croatia’s 0-all draw with Belgium, some Instagram users took aim at Knoll.

“What a shame from such a beautiful girl. Sad,” one wrote. “What’s the use of being rich, businesswoman, so beautiful, sexy and so desperate for attention?” another added.

“I don’t know why haven’t they kicked you. u are like insulting them in their country..” added another. It’s just a small number of the barbs fired at Knoll, but she hit back, saying he like the locals had embraced her.

“The locals confirmed to me that I can wear whatever I want,” Knoll said.

“But I didn’t know that my video in a bikini walking by the sea would be such a big deal. The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted.

“I was never afraid to be arrested to be what I am, and I don’t think I can hurt someone wearing a bikini. And if that deserves to be arrested, then arrest me.”

The UK Foreign Office advised visitors to Qatar that women are expected to cover their shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts.

Women traveling in to the Arab nation are also banned from wearing any tight clothing, or flashing any cleavage.

WAGs were advised to wear a scarf around their necks in a bid to cover up their busts. “Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public,” the Qatar tourism authority warned before the World Cup.

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