Uganda’s President Museveni defiant after World Bank suspends funding over Homos

Backed with massive public support , Uganda ‘s President Yoweri Museveni has quickly responded to the World bank decision to cut future funding following the passing of an Anti Homosexuality law .

Museveni assured Ugandans that the country “will develop with or without loans.”

“It is therefore regrettable that the World Bank and others are trying to pressure us to abandon our faith, culture, principles, and sovereignty, using money,” he added.

“We don’t need pressure from anyone to know how to solve the problems of our society,” Mr. Museveni went on to say.

“It is therefore unfortunate that the World Bank and other actors dare to want to coerce us into abandoning our faith, culture, principles and sovereignty, using money,” the veteran leader said.

He nevertheless added that Uganda would continue to discuss with the World Bank so that “they and we can avoid going astray, if possible”.

Earlier , the Ugandan government had also stated that it was continuing consultations with the financial institution.

World Bank which has been extending about Ug.Shs. 6 trillion in loans to Uganda , announced on Tuesday that “no new public financing for Uganda” would be submitted to its board of directors, as the anti-homosexuality law coming into force in the country in 2023 runs “counter” to its values.

“Consultations are still ongoing between the Ugandan government and the World Bank on issues surrounding the anti-homosexuality law,” Ugandan Information Minister Chris Baryomunsi told the media .

“However, the World Bank and others should be reminded that Uganda is a sovereign country, making decisions in the interests of its people, and this is the spirit of the anti-homosexuality law,” he added.

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