Ugandan Woman Sets World Record By Giving Birth At Age Of 70 Years

Ms Safiina Namukwaya, a resident of Masaka District, has set a world record by giving birth to twins- a boy and a girl each weighing 1.7kgs at the Women’s Hospital International Fertility Centre in Kampala . She was admitted at the facility five days ago in preparation for delivery in a private room.

Namukwaya managed to carry the pregnancy to 31 weeks. Doctors have been monitoring her condition ahead of a C-section delivery given her age coupled with being a multiple pregnancy.

Namukwaya became the oldest new mum in Uganda after she delivered by c-section to a baby girl at Maasaka Regional Referral Hospital in June 2020. This was after 47 years of endless search for a baby.

Namukwaya first got married at the age of 15, in 1973. She conceived and carried her pregnancy up to 22 weeks. When she suffered a miscarriage, she did not conceive again.

Although she continued to be baffled with severe painful menstrual cramps after nine years, she was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes and was treated at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. Her health stabilized, the painful menstrual cramps disappeared and she gained weight but sadly, she tried to conceive in vain.

But with technology at the fertility center she was heled to carry babies in her womb .

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