Ugandans have gone to the polls to day to elect to elect their Chairpersons ,Directly-elected Councilors and Women Councilors at the Sub County, Town Council, and Municipal Division (also known as LC III) level in the last of the 2021 general elections that have excited the country and registered many surprises .

The Electoral Commision Spokesman ,Mr. Paul Bukenya, said voting started at 7:00am and will end at 4:00 pm at polling stations in 2,190 Sub Counties, Town Councils and Municipal Divisions, located in 135 districts.

“There will not be elections in the ten (10) cities and Kampala Capital City, as they do not have these elective levels. All persons who are registered as voters, and who present themselves at the polling station where their particulars appear on the National Voters’ Register, will be able to vote during this election,” Bukenya said in a statement .

Different from other elective levels, Bukenya says,  the ballot paper for Directly-elected Councilors and Women Councilors to the Sub-county/Town Council/Municipal Division will not bear the photograph of the candidates, but will have the full names of the candidate, their symbol, and the name of the political party for the party flag bearers.

“The ballot paper for the Chairperson will bear the full names of candidates, their colour photograph, the name of the party and symbol, or independent candidates’ symbol, and space where the voter will tick or place a thumbprint as a mark of choice,” he said.

The Commission has also set up a Complaints/Query Desk with toll-free lines to enable members of the public to raise any issue related to the polling day activities for expeditious handling by the Electoral Commission.

They are 0800300121/0800300122/0800300123/0800300125.

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