Ugandan veteran broadcaster Nduggu-Shaka-Ssali has   retired after 29 years at the Voice of America where he  hosted the  popular -Straight Talk Africa  show for  a record  20 years .

In the last episode before he quit , Shaka talked about his life and career and his plans following his retirement.  He also introduced the new host of Straight Talk Africa, South African -Haydé Adams.

Haydé is from Cape Town, South Africa and has extensively covered political and social realities on the continent for local and international media. Most recently, she was co-host of VOICES.

His book; “Defying the Odds: The Story of the Kabale Kid’s Journey from Kabale to Washington” is set to be launched soon. Ndugu Shaka will then embark on an Africa tour as a motivational speaker, and do book signings as well.

“Ndugu Shaka has done his bit. He started the Straight Talk Africa show himself 20 years ago. Now that it’s the signature show for Voice of America, he can gracefully retire and concentrate on some of his other life passions, like reading books as well as speaking to and sharing wealth of knowledge with the youth across Africa,” a VOA source said.

Ndugu Shaka Ssali is a Ugandan-born American journalist who has worked for the Voice of America. He is the managing editor of Voice of America’s English to Africa service and the host of “Straight Talk Africa.”

Shaka and his guests have been discussing topics of interest to Africans and the African diaspora including politics, good governance, rule of law, economic development, press freedom, health, social issues, climate and conflict resolution.

He holds a doctorate in cross cultural communication and history from UCLA in California.
He is a former Ford Foundation Fellow and has received numerous honors, including a United Nations Peacekeeping Special Achievement Award in International Journalism.
Other awards include VOA’s Best Journalist Award and Kigezi College Butobere’s first ever Highest Achievement Award in International Human Communication. Butobere is located in Kabale, southwestern Uganda, and is Shaka’s alma mater.

Straight Talk Africa is broadcast live every Wednesday from 1830-1930 UTC/GMT simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet.

During his career, Shaka has interviewed and hosted many African Presidents and top dignitaries among others.

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