Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has recognized its long serving female staff to mark the women’s day . The female staff were celebrated at a function presided over by the UCAA Director General, Mr. Fred K. Bamwesigye.

Mr. Bamwesigye said that UCAA is working towards improving the gender gap and currently employees 381 female which is 29% of the total employees. Of these 9 females sit on the Management team.

“That is the spirit behind the special recognition that UCAA Management has accorded to the twelve (12) long serving ladies who are being appreciated for a good job done and awarded accordingly.

“It is not easy for one to serve impeccably for 30 consecutive years. I congratulate the 12 female staff as we continue to celebrate them as part of the Authority’s 30th Anniversary and as part of this week’s Women’s Day celebrations. We also have several ladies who have made tremendous steps in their career progression. We celebrate them all,” Bamwesigye added.

At the event Bamwesigye updated the country that in January 2022, Entebbe International Airport recorded 62,677 departures and 47,870 arrivals totaling 110,547 passengers, an average of 3,566 per day. In February 2022, the airport recorded 46,275 arrivals and 56,156 departures totaling 102,431 passengers, an average of 3,658 per day.

“While this is clearly an improvement from the daily average of 2,568 recorded in 2021 and that of 1500 in 2020, it is still short of the daily average of 5,000 passengers per day that the airport used to record in 2019 prior to the advent of COVID-19,” the Director General explained.

No.NameNumber of years served
1.Timbigamba Rose Mary  30
2.Apio Grace Miriam    30
3.Sendegeya Winnie30
4.Nyemera Molly Besigye30
5.Nakafeero Aisha  30
6.Ndibulyawa Robinah30
7.Nakkazi Olivia30
8.Lwanga Edith30
9.Kayongo Milly  30
10.Nakakande Jesca  30
11.Nabukenya Margaret  30
12.Nakasi Pauline  30

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