The NRM party Secretary-General Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has urged NRM leaders of Kanungu to ensure coherence and reconcile with one another for the betterment of the people they lead. 

Todwong was officiating at the function organized by Kanungu district leaders to mark 36 years of NRM in power. The celebrations which were held at Rushorooza Seed School in Kihihi sub-county, Kinkizi West constituency, Kanungu district attracted a multitude of NRM supporters and fanatics who endured heavy downpour to listen to the party officials.

The secretary-general asked district leaders to remain united and avoid parochial divisions that stall party activities.

“It is my mission to preach reconciliation among party leaders as a precursor to promoting party cohesion and unity,” Todwong said, asking leaders to pay more attention to people’s needs and work out the possible solutions.

“As a political teacher, I must tell you that a leader should understand what the society needs. People need peace and security, they need programs that elevate their conditions,” he noted, adding, “Leaders need to help people to benefit in government poverty eradication programs.” 

He thanked Kanungu leaders, including the district RDC, Hajj Shafik Ssekandi for ensuring unity in the district which has enabled the smooth running of party activities.

The SG tasked NRM leaders to master the party’s ideological principles on which the party is run, saying, “Before you assume the leadership, you need to know what NRM stands for. As a leader you must guide people well on the direction, policies and ideology of the party you serve,” he said. 

In a special message, Todwong asked the gathering to put more trust in president Museveni, describing him as a leader who has vast experience the country cannot stand to miss.

“I stand here to inform you that Uganda needs president Museveni now more than ever,” He said adding, “As far as I am concerned, our president is not going anywhere. he is growing younger,” he stressed.

The Central Executive Committee Chairperson for Western Region who is also Kinkizi East Member of Parliament, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi promised to work with the secretary-general to solve the issues affecting the people of Kanungu. He says that the division among religious leaders in some parts of the district stall party progress.

The Minister for Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance, Baryomunsi thanked the people of Kanungu for voting president Museveni in the January 2021 presidential elections.

The district LC5 chairman Eng. Arinaitwe Sam Kajojo, an independent but NRM leaning said that coordination between leaders and security in the district made it possible for president Museveni to get 86% in the last presidential polls. He rooted for continued collaboration among district leaders for the development of Kanungu.

Hon. James Kaberuka, the Kinkizi West Member of Parliament appreciated the government intervention to tarmac the access road, saying that barriers to economic activities especially the movement of people and merchandise to the market places are yet to become a nightmare. But the MP condemned blackmail and divisive speeches from some elements, calling for round table settlement of disputes whenever they emerge. 

The SG was accompanied by the senior officials from the party secretariat including; the Deputy National Treasurer, Hon. Kyatuhaire Jaqueline, NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, Director for Mobilization, Hon. Seninde Rosemary and Director for Communication and PR, Hon. Emmanuel Lumala Dombo received over 100 converts who crossed from the Forum for Democratic Change to NRM.

To galvanize party support, the Secretariat team in November last year enrolled regional outreach programs targeting party structures from the village level to among other activities reconcile antagonizing forces within district leadership caused by party primaries.

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