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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked  Uganda’s ambassadors to promote and  market Kiira Motors Corporation locally made vehicles in the regional ,continental and global vehicles markets estimated to hit 19 Trillion USDs.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Mr. Vincent Bagire who led over 30 Uganda’s ambassadors to tour the Kiira Vehicle Plant in Jinja on Friday said that among -the heads of Missions abroad  ‘s mandate was to promote and market  the country’s technology and industrial advancements to the rest of the world.

Bagiire explained that the newly appointed ambassadors were visiting Uganda’s leading enterprises and industries to get first -hand information  to promote both commercial and economic diplomacy throughout the 38 missions where the country has accredited ambassadors.

The PS said that they will liaise with Kiira Motors officials to design marketing communication manuals, fully equipped with detailed information about the plant and the Ugandan-made vehicles.

The ambassadors were received at the Kiira Vehicle Plant by the KMC Executive Board Chairman  Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa  and the company’s CEO Mr. Paul Isaac Musasizi   

“The  ambassadors are the key promoters of Uganda’s interests abroad and their deliberate efforts to positively highlight the viability of Ugandan-made vehicles to the rest of the world will create market for the final products,” Bagire statted.

Mr. Arthur Kafeero, a Director at the Foreign Affairs   said  that ambassadors should use their portfolios – lobby experts with the requisite knowledge aimed at boosting the automotive industry in the country.

The KMC CEO -Mr. Musasizi, said  that the  foreign missions can act as “stopover centers”- for sourcing international markets for the Kiira Motors products that include fully electric buses -the Kayoola EVs..

Musasizi  said  that although  the plant is already connected to -a 32KV high voltage line, then company is still sourcing for an investor to facilitate  the construction of a sustainable solar station  to ensure the smooth operations of the plant.

Phase one of the kiira vehicle Plant which has been constructed by the UPDF under NEC is at 98% completion and has capacity to produce 22 buses a day and 5,000 a year . Some of the Kiira Motors products now on the market include the much famed Kayoola EVs – the fully electric buses and the Kayoola Diesel Coaches (KDC).

Do you want to buy a locally made durable bus (both electric and diesel ) please contact kiira motors Corporation at their home in Ntinda, Kampala Uganda.

Telephone contact ;0783039613

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