By Our Entebbe Correspondent

The management of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority , (UCAA) led by the Director General ,Mr. Fred Bamwesigye ,has pledged to have a long term partnership with Uganda’s Automotive Industry Flagship, Kiira Motors Corporation to deploy its unique fully electric buses -the Kayoola EVS for airport shuttle services.

UCCA has become the first Ugandan public entity to embraced Kiira Motors green mobility technologies when it accepted to pilot the Kayoola EVS-low- floor city electric bus to transport its staff from Kampala to the airport and back for eight weeks  from July 20th – September 11th , 2020.

The UCAA boss ,Mr. Bamwesigye who together with his top management team had a test ride in the Kayoola EVS bus from the organisation’s head office to the airport in Entebbe, while addressing the media stated; “ from the feedback received so far from the users (our staff) and what the management team has also experienced during the morning ride, the Kayoola buses are a welcome addition that will provide some solutions to Uganda’s road transport industry .”

Bamwesigye said that Kiira Motors concept to develop and deploy home made electric vehicles resonates well with UCAA core value of embracing new ideas and technology since  we live in a rapidly changing environment . “ It is even more pertinent that the bus is environmentally friendly because it is electric powered -which rules out the burning of diesel and associated pollution .

He commended the Kiira Motors engineers for installing the state- of- the art safety and assistive technology for people with special needs, including special seats and a ramp for easy boarding and off- boarding of people in wheelchairs. “ The onboard Wi-fi and USB charging ports for phones are a plus that make the ride comfortable,” he added.

The  Director  Marketing and Sales at Kiira Motors, Mr. Allan Muhumuza  gave a comparative advantage of the Kayoola EVS -fully Electric buses over their combustion engine cousins noting that while the owner of a diesel bus will spend UG.SHS.1,670 per kilometer , for the electric bus you will spend only UG.SHS.320 for the same distance.

Mr. Vianney Luggya, the Manager for Public Relations at UCAA said that the  feedback has so far been positive with staff impressed by the quiet ambiance, comfort and on-board amenities such as WiFi, air-conditioning, electronic device charging ports and entertainment.


Writer is a media and communications consultant And Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

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