Traffic Police to Shoot Whoever Refuses to Stop

President Museveni has directed that traffic checkpoints be armed and ready to shoot whoever refuses to stop when flagged down.

This comes in the wake of attempted assassination last Tuesday on four-star General Katumba Wamala and the discovery that the assassins had actually been stopped by traffic police but they ignored and proceeded to their deadly mission.

“From now on the traffic police will have armed backup and if they stop you and you refuse, they will shoot you!” the president said on Sunday evening after addressing the nation over the Covid-19 situation and announcing new measures that include banning inter-district travel for 42 days.

Museveni admitted that there has been general laxity in the country and the reduced vigilance is what made possible the Katumba shooting incident in which his daughter and his driver were killed. The president said that himself was not even aware that General Katumba had dispensed of his follow car after he left the office of Chief of Defence Forces and took up a ministerial position.

And just like security has been affected by laxity, so has the Covid-19 situation.

As such, the infection rates have shot up, prompting the government to close all schools for 42 days; close places of worship also for 42 days; slap a ban on inter-district travel for the same period; impose a 20 person ceiling on social gatherings like weddings; restrict international travel except for returning Ugandans and announce strict observance of all SOPs intended to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

The situation shall be reviewed after 42 days. The 42 days have been fixed basing on 3 times the 14-day gestation period of the disease from infection to manifestation. The government as advisedly choses to give an allowance of 3 incubation cycle periods before reviewing the situation.

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