President Yoweri Museveni is set to address the country this evening and impeccable sources say he will announce the suspension of schools opening and restrict movement of people from one region to another to stem the spread of the second wave of deadly Covid- 19 pandemic.

Kyambogo University is being closed after a number of students and lecturers contracted the corona virus that left at least a student and lecturer dead.

Museveni who has already received his second Covid-19 jab together with the First Lady Janet , is expected to announce a couple of tough measures to contain the spread of the deadly Covid -19 pandemic with the new variants severely affecting the  school  going  young people.

 Ministry of Health data now indicates that Uganda has hit the 50,000 mark of  Covid -19 registered cases with over 500 active cases on admission at various health facilities across the country  and just about 700,000 people vaccinated so far .  At least 334  Ugandans have succumbed to Covid and many are in intensive Care Units  (ICUs).

The Ministry of Health has since revamped its nation -wide campaign messaging -calling upon Ugandans of all ages to strictly follow the set SOPs which include among others avoiding crowded places, wearing a mask while in a public place and washing hands-plus social distancing .

Police has also set-up operations to apprehend those who violate the Covid 19 set rules and last night arrested over 1,000 people who were found in bars across the city.

Multiple sources have told this publication that President Museveni will have to balance between re-instituting the restrictive measures to save the country a health crisis akin to that seen in India while at the same time protecting the economy against the adverse effects of a total lock down . “It most unlikely there will be another total lockdown . the President has been against that move but while remaining firm in protecting the population especially people in the rural areas from contracting the new different types of covid ,” a source privy to meetings held to map out a way forward  explained.

Besides , it would be very expensive affair for the  government to feed the population during a second lockdown .

“I will address the country today on the resolutions and measures  passed by the National Task Force on Covid- 19. Tune in  to the different radio and TV stations across the country starting at 8:00pm to follow the address ,” Museveni tweeted today morning.

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