President Museveni tells European nations to stop sponsoring opportunistic wars, coups in Africa

President Yoweri Museveni has lashed out at nation states that are in the habit of fomenting, sponsoring and promoting un-justified, opportunistic wars, terrorism and criminality on the African continent and asked them to stop it because they are wasting their time as history has proved that humanity has overcome all forms of injustices that have come their way over years.

The president made the remarks while addressing delegates attending the first session of the 2nd Russia-Africa summit on Friday in St. Petersburg, Russia where he advised people in the modern times to always explore dialogue to solve the existing issues in society instead of always looking at violence as the only way to solve human disagreements.

“You cannot win an unjustifiable war and history has proved that. Humanity will overcome it ultimately. Historically the religious wars in Europe and the fight between the feudalists and the emergence of capitalism in Europe are a historic testimony because they were justified and of a right cause; humanity came out victorious beyond all odds,” the President told the delegates.


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