Kampala Metropolitan Police issues new directives on impounding boda bodas , yet to comment on removal of number plates from cars for traffic offences

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The Commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police, SCP Stephen Tanui, has given new directives to the effect that no civilians or security operatives in plain clothes are allowed to impound motorcycles or remove them from the owners without the authority to do so.

However, the police Commander did not clarify on whether traffic policemen are allowed to remove number plates from people’s cars for any traffic violations or breach . Earlier ,the Inspect General of Police , had indicated that it was not right to remove number plates from people’s vehicles for traffic offences committed although the vehicles can be impounded depending on the magnitude of the offence .

There has been public outcry about the remove of number plates from vehicles by traffic policemen noting that the practice does not only damage the number plates but it’s also costly to place them back on the vehicles over and above the penalties imposed for the traffic offence committed.

The KMP new directives about motor cycle (boda boda) operations

According to a statement released by KMP PRO P. Onyango , in to address the issue if impounding boda bodas by people in civilians clothes  and ensure the safety and efficiency of motor cycle operations, The Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police has given the following directives:

All motor cycle operations must be conducted exclusively by police officers in uniform.

The operation should be led by Traffic Police officers, with support from other uniformed police officers. No police officer, except Traffic Police, is authorized to impound a motorcycle.

Any civilian found impounding motorcycles will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution in court.

Motorcyclists are advised not to surrender their motorcycles to individuals wearing civilian/plain clothes. In case of such attempts, they should promptly inform the police about the location of such unauthorized operations.

All impounded motor cycles must be taken to designated Police Stations and not any other location.

Any motorcycles previously impounded by boda boda leadership in Kampala should be released immediately to their rightful owners or be taken to the nearest police station.

These directives aim to ensure the security and transparency of motorcycle operations within Kampala Metropolitan Area.

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