NRM calls for peaceful campaigns, elections in Bukimbiri, Gogonyo

Campaigns for Bukimbiri and Gogonyo parliamentary by-elections officially kicked off today with National Resistance Movement candidates and their teams calling upon their supporters to maintain peace during the process despite possible provocations from opponents and rivals.

The director in charge of Mobilization at the NRM secretariat, Hon. Rosemary Seninde, who was campaigning for the party ticket holder in Gogonyo, Pallisa district, and Mr. Derick Orone in Ajepet, Oukot, Olowa, and Okwi parishes, reiterated the need for electorates to move forward together peacefully even during contentious situations.

Hon. Seninde emphasized that locals should embrace peace at all times, saying they should shun leaders who preach divisive politics and hatred.

In this regard, she urged residents of Gogonyo to elect leaders allied to the NRM party who, she said, have the interests of their people at heart.

To succeed, you must be a team. People must work together if they are to succeed because even those in opposition camps are our brothers and sisters, “Seninde said, adding, “That is how we want to continue building the unity of this nation.”

On her part, the State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Hon. Jennifer Namuyangu said voters must remain respectful and equally regarded as they make choices during the entire election process.

Her clarion call to supporters was to choose a member of parliament who would ensure continuity in service delivery through lobbying and establishing a good relationship with the government of the day.

Mr.Derrick Orone pledged on his first campaign day to work with the people of Gogonyo to achieve a lot in various sectors such as road infrastructure and education standards, among other projects.” We shall endeavor to improve standards of living in your homesteads and lobby for better health care and water projects as well,” the NRM candidate said.

Bukimbiri campaigns

The ruling party candidate, Mr. Eddie Kwizera Wa-gahungu, and his team traversed Nyarutembe, Bitera, and Gasovu parishes, all located in the Nyabwishenya sub-county.

Mr. Kwizera expressed optimism that once voted back into parliament, all his efforts will be put into uplifting people’s lives to higher levels.

The NRM’s deputy National Treasurer, Hon. Jacqueline Kyatuhaire, who has camped in the area, restated that the movement has always worked towards uniting all people as well as ensuring equity and inclusivity.

“I thanked you for supporting President Museveni throughout his long-term tenure, which has facilitated steadfast transformation,” noting that the support has enabled the government to implement a wide range of projects that have transformed lives.

The Youth and Children Affairs Minister, who is also the Kisoro Woman Representative, urged other rival camps to emulate NRM by conducting peaceful campaigns without scaring voters.

She rooted for Kwizera’s support as she praised him for his visionary and exemplary handwork that has ensured the tourism-rich Bukimbiri remains passable with better.

On Tuesday, campaigns in both constituencies will enter day two as both teams intensify ground mobilization.

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