Lands Minister Nabakooba urges Mityana leaders to secure physical plans for the Municipality to benefit from government infrastructure Development Programs

By Rose Musoke


District leaders in Mityana have benefited from a physical planning training  conducted by the Ministry of Lands to better equip them with the aspect of proper Physical Planning for urban development in Mityna district.

The training that took place at Enro Hotel in Mityana town was attended by district leaders who included  councilors representing the different cells in Mityana. The Participants  where equipped with skills for  coordinated, sustainable and orderly utilization of land.

Mr Jude Ssenteza, the Senior Physical Planner at the Ministry of Lands who led the training said that leaders  need to be equipped with knowledge about  harmonized  utilization of land  as a factor of production to eliminate conflict  and ensure sustainable development .

He pointed that through proper planning service delivery becomes easy as the population can adequately access utilities and services  such as  roads, water ,electricity and housing to create a conducive, harmonious and livable environment for all.

He said that the ministry will work with the local leaders to provide a  physical plan for  Mityana municipality – which has since attained  a municipal status and is one of the fast growing urban centers in Uganda . 

Ms.Gladys Nassaka, the councillor representing the elderly at the District  , while reflecting on what she had gained out of the training she said that -she had learned the importance of proper  municipal physical planning for better service delivery . 

Officiating at the event, Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba underscored the importance of  Physical planning  which facilitates development and allows for local councils and governments to benefit from development programs financed through the support of development partners .

She regretted to note that due to lack of proper physical plan Mityana had missed out on some funding that would have helped to uplift the public  infrastructure in the area . She called upon the Mityana leadership to work with her Ministry to attain a physical plan so that funding can be sourced to open up and upgrade roads and other infrastructure .

“We are going to look at the recommendations made here so that we see how we can work with the concerned people to plan for our area such that it matches up with the standards of a planned area to get financial support from government and donors to put in place the requisite infrastructure like other municipalities across the country,” she pledged.

According to Nabakooba, the Physical Planning Law of 2020 provides that  every area is a planning area  and provisions of utilities such as water pipes, electricity and internet wires, have to be integrated in the physical plans to avoid poor planning waste of resources when it comes to development work .

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