NEMA leads clean- up Tororo, rates the municipality as one of cleanest in Eastern Uganda.

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has extended its ‘Yonja Uganda’ anti-litter and waste management campaign to the border district of Tororo and rated the municipality one of the cleanest in eastern Uganda .

The campaign started with the districts of Buikwe, Mbale and now Tororo. In Tororo the exercise was led by Naome Kakenkaho the manager public and corporate affairs .

Tororo district leadership has since vowed to introduce on the -spot fines for those found littering the town. These measures have helped the local authorities to reduced the costs of managing gabbage and kept the entire town clean .

Living in a clean and healthy environment is essential for our well-being. It not only improves our physical health but also contributes to our mental and emotional well-being.

“Let’s work together to keep our surroundings clean, reduce pollution, and create a healthier environment for everyone to enjoy,” said Eunice Asinguza Mubangizi, the Legal Manager at the National Environment Management Authority and she encouraged everyone to follow proper waste management practices to protect the environment.

“Proper waste disposal helps prevent pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves resources. Let’s all do our part to keep our communities clean The exercise has so far covered the districts of Buikwe Mbale and involved engagement with local leaders to sensitize and engage the public in sustainable waste management, ” she added.

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