Government committed to secure the land rights of all Ugandans- Minister Nabakooba

By Our Reporters

Government is committed to securing the land rights of the  majority of Ugandans by registering land and issuing legal documentation to the 70% unregistered land owners , the Minister of Lands ,Housing and Urban  Development , Ms. Judith Nabakooba has stated .

The Minister further stated that government is going to intensify  efforts to mobilizing communities and llans to form Communal land associations in order to curb land fragmentation, up scale the implementation of the systematic land adjudication and certification to support the PDM pillars .

The pillars  include production, storage, processing and marketing, financial inclusion, infrastructure and economic services and mindset change. Nabakooba was giving a key note  address at the annual land conference under the theme , “ Mobilising stakeholders to modernize land management in Uganda.”

These government efforts , Nabakooba argued will go a long way to  address issues of land inequality that increases poverty . She said that  equitable distribution of land will contribute greatly to social cohesion, which in turn will lead to more inclusiveness and hence promotion of Parish Development Model (PDM).

“If most of our people are hungry and without land to produce food, then we risk exacerbating food insecurity,” Nabakooba noted adding that it is  vital for all Ugandans to be able to make their full contribution to transformation of the country through inclusive and sustainable land use practices, agricultural productivity, and improved household health, nutrition, and education.

The Minister told the conference that government through her ministry ,is also enhancing the Land  Information System to increase government revenue collection, curb illegal land evictions and strengthening alternative dispute resolution.

“We  shall continue to strengthen land use planning through implementation of the NPDP and secure the land rights of women and other marginalized groups,” she emphasized .

Nabakooba thanked  President Yoweri Museveni  for his continuous guidance on the issue of land registration and discouraging land fragmentation. “ I am confident that land tenure security shall be achieved through this mobilization and implementation of the CEDP land component interventions and other government programmes.”

“It is vital that we all take a proactive and innovative approach in ensuring the social inclusive optimal use of land –to help respond to the  changing needs of the land sector in the overall context of socio-economic transformation in the 21st century, “ she added.


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