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The  Kayunga District  Local Administration has approved the Kiira Motors  ECO- Automotive Industrial and Technology Park (AITP) master plan –paving way for the development of the site that sits on 2 square miles .

The  AITP master plan was approved by  the Kayunga District Council during a meeting that was held on 13th October 2022. “This is therefore to submit the minute extract approving  Kiira Motors ECO- Automotive Industrial and Technology Park  master plan for your further consideration and action,” a letter addressed to the management of Kiira Motors and signed by the  Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Abdu Batambuze reads in part.

During the Kayunga District Council meeting , the motion to approve the AITP Master Plan was moved by Councillor Immaculate Namata and seconded by Hon. Councilor Katumba Joseph Ntamu according to a minute extract signed  by the Town Clerk  Immaculate Galimuka  and Hon Saleh Bullnson ,the District Speaker .

Kiira Motors acquired the land through public procurement and has a land title registered in the company names. The residents are excited about the new developments with the park expected to create jobs and lead to the development of the area .

 Kira Motors Corporation acquired the two square miles of land in Bbaale to set-p the Uganda Eco-Automotive Industrial & Technology Park to support a wide range of investments in motor vehicle parts manufacturing, vehicle testing and automotive technology innovation enterprises. The pre-feasibility study and business plan for the park have been completed.

Economic Benefits

According to officials at Kiira Motors that park is in line with the National Physical Development plan 2022/2040 as approved by cabinet and will be prepared to attract investors to set up manufacturing plants for auto filters, brake pads, automotive glass, car seats, lithium ion batteries, bolts and nuts, wiring harness, tires, auto-electronics and bamboo boards among others.

“ This park is a long term investment and will improve the tax base, aid in business retention and promote business diversity in the area. It will also attract foreign exchange through the export of automotive products once fully operational;  encourage the  skilling of the local community in Uganda through by setting up a skilling centre  which will produce skilled labour for the industrial sector thus promoting development,” sources at KMC  explained.

The Kayunga area will also benefit since this huge national project of strategic importance will lead to infrastructure development such as  better roads, fibre, electricity lines, and railway among others.

There  will also be improved social amenities  within Kayunga district with the provision of school, health facilities, hotels, commercial and recreation centres.

“Eco-AITP will improve the aesthetic of the area around the site as greening is one of the major principles of the ECO Automotive Industrial and Technology Park. The Eco-AITP will contribute to the reduction of emissions through the use of clean energy and the production of hybrid and electric automobiles. This will further be attained through the greening of the park,” officials added .

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