President Yoweri Museveni  has said that the high salaries which MPs set for themselves was   partly responsible for the violence that characterized the NRM primaries .

While addressing NRM party leaders in  Mbarara and Sembabule districts,  Museveni said that those seeking for political positions on the NRM ticket didn’t  appreciate the party’s  ideology.

 “People are fighting hard to go to Parliament because MPs unilaterally increased their salaries. They earn more than our scientists and other critical professionals.  I tried to discourage them but they insisted. Now, people want to leave their jobs and go to Parliament to earn high salaries, “ a concerned Museveni stated .

He said those seeking for leadership positions should do so to serve  the  people  and not enrich themselves.  “Politics is working for the people, to help them get out of poverty and solve their problems. It should not be about you the contestant escaping from poverty,” he told the meeting , vowing to  arrest and prosecute those who were violent in the party primaries, including those who masterminded it.

On the issue of  his relatives getting involved in politics Museveni said that his name should not come up when his biological relatives are contesting.  He said he would table before the  party CEC- the issue of high-ranking party officials backing their relatives to fight other NRM contenders.

“That’s not leadership. You should not get involved in supporting your relative and disadvantaging other contenders. “

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