Police Charges Two Lubiri High Teachers Over Students’ Sexy Dance on School Bus

The Uganda Police has charged Mr. Joseph Nsubuga and Miss Lydia Nabakka with neglect to prevent a felony, contrary to section 389 of the Penal Code. 

The charge arises from their failure to prevent dozens of teenagers who were packed in a bus from engaging in indecent acts that left the nation gasping when they were leaked in a video that dominated social media last month.

The video showed girls gyrating on top of boys’ laps with no sign of any adult presence to moderate their frenzied activities obviously fired by semi-innocent adolescence hormones.

Police Spokesman Fred Enanga on Friday said that there were 73 students on a bus meant to carry 67 passengers, with two teachers meant to supervise them. 

Enanga also announced a directive that the Police has issued to the management of Lubiri High School, requiring them to suspend all the students who were engaged in the indecent dance. 

On completion of the suspension, the students will also have to undergo counseling sessions on appropriate behaviour conducted by the probation officer of Rubaga division in Kampala. Upon completion of the counseling, the students will be further guided by the officer on how to focus on their studies.

According to Enanga, the measures have been arrived at with the guidance of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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