NSSF Has Paid Out Ug.Shs. 122 Bn In Western Uganda

National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Managing Director, Patrick Ayota has announced that the fund disbursed over UGX 122 billion to 7,283 eligible members in the western region during the fiscal year 2022/23. Ayota explained that this figure represents approximately 16% of the total number of members who received benefits from the Fund in that period.

Speaking to employers in Mbarara city at Hotel Triangle, Ayota revealed that the total benefits paid to eligible members had seen a marginal increase of 1%, rising from UGX 1.189 trillion in the fiscal year 2021/22 to UGX 1.199 trillion in 2022/23.

He added that these payouts demonstrate the safety of members’ savings with the Fund and their ability to access them when they qualify.

Ayota also provided information regarding the processing time for these benefits, noting that, on average, they were processed within 11 days. While acknowledging that this turnaround time remains higher than desired due to the new core system and delayed verifications.


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