Officials at the National Council for Higher Education, (NCHE) are locked up in a high level meeting this morning ahead of the phased re-opening of institutions of higher learning with final year students undertaking health related training following President Yoweri Museveni’s directive.

“The  NCHE  leadership is now working on the details for the re-opening of universities  and other institutions of higher learning that are training health professionals across the country after  President Museveni sanctioned  the move to allow final year students to resume studies ,” sources have told this publication.

In a memo to all Vice Chancellors and Principles the NCHE Executive  Director , Prof Mary J.N.Okwakol, said that the President had approved the re-opening of institutions with final year students undertaking health related training to fill the human resource gap the  health sector  would likely face  as the recorded cases f Covid -19 increase across the country.

The  categories of students that will resume studies include , final year students training at bachelors level in medicine and bachelor surgery, nursing, midwifery, dental surgery, pharmacy , allied  medical professionals , final post graduate students  and those undertaking diploma programs .

  Last week Museveni said that government will consider easing lock down measures after studying a report which will be made by the national covid -19 taskforce.

He said he would consider the re-opening of schools, churches and bars.

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