President Museveni salutes NCHE for celebrating 20th anniversary

President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on their 20th anniversary.

President Museveni stated ,”The NCHE, being the transition to higher learning, should be very categorical on our historical role, by insisting on a well-tailored modern type of education which in my view is about two things, understanding nature and its laws. ” He was accompanied by first lady and Minister of Education Janet Museveni.

He added : “They should help people understand nature and its natural laws and how they can be used in solving problems. However, in doing so, they should be very clear because the mystification of knowledge can confuse people who are learning from them.”

Museveni said “The other aspect is understanding the society and evolution of man (the metamorphosis), the one you call social sciences. In our case, students must understand how man has evolved from hunter-gatherer to domestication of crops, livestock, and commercial farming. Hence, NCHE should inculcate an education based on sound reasoning with the aim of problem-solving. “


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