Following her short -lived  marriage to African-American Christopher Thomas in Fort portal and divorce in 2013 , Toro’s Princess Ruth Komuntale Nsemere-Batebe ,has remarried another super rich  American  dude -Anthony Phillip in the USA.

The glamorous wedding which took place last evening was attended by her Mother -Best Kemigisa (53) and Tooro’s King -Omukama -Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV (30). Komuntale revealed her new relationship with  American Phillip in 2018 and they have been living together since then .

Formerly , a Kampala socialite -Komuntale’s second wedding took many by surprise especially King Oyo’s subjects in Toro.  “ The preparations for the wedding were done secretly and we didn’t know about the event ,” one  frustrated Toro official told the publication. Many people in Toro  learnt about the wedding on social media .

In  her Instagram account, the princess who could not hide her excitement announced her new man who had just proposed to her then. “I thank God for him every day. My angel sent from heaven. You’re everything I’ve always needed in a man my love.”

The princess could not hide her excitement after the proposal as he later shared a photo of the ring on her finger.

“God You are so faithful!! So excited to marry my best friend and Baby, you did an amazing job! I love the ring,” she captioned it.”

In November 2012, Komuntale wedded Christopher, an African American from St Loius Missouri but their marriage ended a year later in a bitter split.

The two traded insults on social media as Christopher claimed the princess was treating a strange illness. Years later, Komuntale came out to clarify on her health status by revealing results from her blood tests to prove she had a clean bill of health.

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