UPDF Bombs ADF Camp Near Ntoroko , The Terrorists Who Killed Tourists in Kasese Still On The Run – President Museveni

President Museveni has issued another statement in which he says the UPDF has today , bombed the ADF terrorists’ camp in DR Congo 60 Kilomters from Uganda’s border in Ntoroko Bundibugyo district .

Below is the statement :

Our gunships attacked a big camp of these criminals, 60kms from the border, Ntoroko side. The attack was devastating because it was a clear target and the reconnaissance plane, was monitoring from the air.

Congratulations to our Air-Force and the SDR that locates these criminals. Meanwhile, the group of 5 People that burnt the lorry, the tourist van and killed the 2 tourists with their driver, is being hunted in the area to the left of Bweera- Kikoroongo Road as you come from Bweera.

The UPDF should involve the Police and the Wanainchi to hunt for these groups, running from Congo. They are no longer a military problem. They are; Police, popular vigilance and anti-terrorism efforts. We are destroying their base in Congo.

We salute H.E Tshisekedi for agreeing to work with us to uproot these criminals.

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